Christopher Erbes, PhD, MA

I am a clinician investigator at the Minneapolis VA Healthcare System specializing in the study, assessment, and treatment of mental health problems, including particularly PTSD and stress related disorders. I completed my graduate training in clinical psychology at Texas Tech University and have spent most of my career in the VA, first at the Memphis VA as an intern and then at the Minneapolis VA. In my research role I’m very interested in contextual risk factors for risk and resilience in the face of extreme stressors such as combat deployments, especially factors related to family, work, or social functioning. I am also developing an interest in transdiagnostic approaches to psychopathology and related treatment approaches in mental health. In my administrative duties I’m interested in the use of data and outcome measures to assess and improve outcomes and promote efficiency of outpatient mental health services, such as psychotherapy and case management. I am an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Traumatic Stress. Outside of work I enjoy craft beer, running, and science fiction/fantasy.