Featured Alumni

Below please find a small sample of the more than 500+ alumni currently acting as change agents in the United States and beyond. More to come as our new VAQS alumni follow in their footsteps!

Jessica Eng, MD, San Francisco Alumni 2014

“VAQS fast tracked me to leadership! I graduated with the ability to implement clinical programs, conduct continuous quality improvement and lead healthcare change from the formal curriculum, excellent mentorship and experiential learning. It would have taken me years to learn those skills without VAQS.”

Alvin Jeffery, MSN, RN-BC, CCRN, FNP-BC, Nashville Alumni 2017

“My time and experience in the VAQS program was invaluable! I gained theoretical & practical experience in leading teams, consensus building, measuring/monitoring clinical data, scholarly writing, and most importantly, how to make positive improvements in healthcare.”

Christine Horvat Davey, PhD, BSPS, RN Cleveland Alumni 2020

“The VAQS program has significantly impacted my academic career and scholarship. The program provided me with individualized mentorship which promoted my QI and research projects enabling me to contribute as a pre and postdoctoral nurse scientist to improve patient outcomes.”